Lawn Spraying Services, Bartow, FL

Our team of experienced professionals can manage a variety of tasks through lawn spraying services in Bartow, FL, including pest control, fertilization, and weed control

Lawn Spraying ServicesA beautiful, green lawn can make your home or office look more welcoming and appealing to those who visit the property. On the flip side, a brown or dull lawn with patchy areas doesn’t look as nice and can diminish your property’s curb appeal. There are a number of reasons why your lawn might be struggling to stay alive. Here in Bartow, Florida, our humid climate is a breeding ground for ants, mosquitos, and other insects that can live in the lawn and destroy its roots. Various fungi and diseases can also impact trees and grass, which can leave behind landscaping that looks like it is dying. Without proper irrigation and fertilization, the grass also might not be getting the nutrients it needs to survive. However, improper use of fertilization can be dangerous, and too much water can lead to swampy areas in your yard.

At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we are available to take over your lawn care plan through lawn spraying services. Our team of experienced professionals can manage a variety of tasks through lawn spraying services, including insect, fire ant, and mosquito control; proper fertilization; and control of weeds, diseases, and fungi. Part of our lawn spraying services also includes regular aeration, which allows air and water to reach the roots of various plant life in the yard.

Our treatment packages are available in monthly options where our team members will come to your property and make sure that the plants and grass are still thriving. Please contact us today for more information.

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