Lawn Spraying, Bartow, FL

Lawn spraying can make all the difference when it comes to lawn care in Bartow, FL.

Lawn SprayingOne of the great things about living in Florida is the weather. Our mild temperatures are perfect for enjoying the outdoors year round. Unfortunately, we humans aren’t the only ones who love Florida weather. Bugs and pests thrive in the warm, muggy environment and love setting up their home right in your yard. This can seriously cut into your enjoyment time that you spend out in your yard if you are getting bitten and end up with itchy bites. Dogs or other pets can also bring pests into your house by spending time out in the yard and then bringing them indoors when fleas or other pests attach themselves to your pet’s coat. Pests also wreak havoc on your lawn and other vegetation by feeding on it. They will leave your lawn with brown, patchy spots or looking less-than-ideal no matter how much you try to care for it.

Lawn spraying can make all the difference when it comes to lawn care. Often homeowners will try to tackle their own lawn care without seeing very good results. Part of the problem can be that they aren’t going about it the right way. If you try to fertilize your lawn when you have a pest problem, you won’t see the results you want from the fertilizer. This is why we offer a whole package lawn care treatment plan. We find that your lawn will look the best if we tackle every problem at once rather than attempting various treatments at different times. Lawn spraying is part of our complete package treatment plan and will help eradicate pests that are eating up your lawn and making it difficult for your lawn to thrive.

At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we are dedicated to making the lawns of Bartow, FL look their best with our lawn spraying treatment as part of our full lawn care package. Give us a call, and we’ll get started on your lawn today!

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