Flea Control Services, Lakeland, FL

Our flea control services in Lakeland, FL are affordable, effective, and safe for your family and pets.

Flea Control Services, Lakeland, FLUsing flea control on your pets and not using flea control services for your yard is like scooping water out of a sinking boat without repairing the leak. You’ll be sitting there doing that over and over again, getting absolutely nowhere. At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we want your Lakeland, FL yard to be flea free so that you don’t have to keep waging that battle.

Professional flea control services in your yard are also better for your pets and your family. While the various flea control methods for pets are generally considered safe for them, there are rare instances when your pet can suffer harm and even death from them. Why take that chance when you can treat where they play instead? Our flea control services use as little product as possible to get the job done, and we use products that are safe for your pets and your family.

Fleas are not just annoying. They can affect your pet’s health and even the health of your family. Fleas carry certain diseases, and their bites can cause itching and infections, as well. Some pets get an allergic reaction from flea bites. It is even possible for a pet to be killed by fleas, as is the case if they contract feline infectious anemia, which is a life-threatening blood parasite that is carried by fleas.

Don’t take a chance with the life of your pet, or the health of your family. Our flea control services are affordable and effective. Call us today for an appointment for our flea control services or any of our other services.

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