Grub Control Services, Winter Haven, FL

Our grub control services in Winter Haven, FL aim to make your lawn less inviting to pests and eliminate any that currently call your lawn home.

Grub Control Services

Grub control services begin with identification. There are several important signs to watch for when determining if your lawn has become home to a grub infestation. First, the presence of beetles flying over your lawn indicates that grubs have grown up. These beetles and grubs can also attract wild animals like moles, crows, skunks, opossums, and raccoons, as they enjoy digging for grubs.

Perhaps the most telling indicators of potential grub issues are if the grass becomes soft or spongy when you walk on it, the grass has brown patches in hot or dry weather, or if chunks of grass seem to be easily pulled up by hand. The foolproof method for grub assessment is to take a 4-inch square section of turf from your lawn, look for grubs underneath, place that turf upside down on a hard surface, and whack it with the back of a trowel. These steps will drive any grubs present to the top, so you can see them.

Our grub control services aim to make your lawn less inviting to pests and eliminate any that currently call your lawn home. With a treatment plan, certain types of pesticides can be effective at certain times of year with professional application. A year-round plan of treatment can eliminate current grubs, interfere with the species life cycle to prevent new grubs, deter other grubs from moving in, and promote a healthy lawn that is disease-resistant, pest-resistant, and enjoyable for you and your family.

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