Brown Spots, Winter Haven, FL

We can develop a plan to eliminate the brown spots from your Winter Haven, FL grass and help your lawn look full and lush again.

Brown Spots

When your lawn has brown spots, you might think that the grass isn’t getting enough water and try to increase your watering schedule. However, there are other reasons why your grass may be looking dry and patchy in certain spots, and increasing the water could lead to other issues such as fungus growth and muddy patches where it can’t drain properly. At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we have experienced technicians who can analyze your Winter Haven, FL landscaping and determine the cause of these brown spots. From there, we can also develop a plan to eliminate the brown spots and help your lawn look full and lush again.

One of the best ways to determine if your brown spots are caused by lack of water is to let us conduct an irrigation analysis. This will allow our team to figure out if there are areas that don’t get watered properly, and then fix the problems instead of adding too much water to other areas of the lawn. We can also look for signs of weed growth and fungi, which can cause brown spots in the grass. Our technicians receive continuous education and training to stay current on new types of weed growth and how to best treat weeds, fungi, and diseases in the lawn.

Contact us today to schedule a time for an analysis so we can help get rid of brown spots in your lawn and keep your grass looking beautiful.

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