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Core Aeration in Lakeland, FloridaHave you ever driven past a golf course and wondered how it’s possible that all of their greens look so fresh and healthy? You may have even suspected that the greens were made of artificial turf, only to find that when you step on them, they are actually soft, lush, and living. You may have also enjoyed the feel of lush grass under your feet so much that you’ve decided that whatever it takes, you would get the same lush, healthy grass for your lawn at home. While you may think that the way to make this happen is to run out to the closest gardening store and purchase the highest quality lawn fertilizer available, you probably need to do more than that. In fact, getting the lush green lawn you want involves the use of core aeration in conjunction with good fertilization and irrigation routines.

Core aeration is the process of making lots of small holes in your grass in order to allow fertilizer, water, and air to penetrate deeper into the roots, which can encourage rapid root growth and development. Another benefit of core aeration is that it breaks up the thatch on the top of your lawn and allows your lawn to breathe freely and grow long and healthy.

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