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Core Aeration in Lakeland, FLWhen you look out at the beautiful green golf course, do you ever wonder if your own lawn could look that pristine? Sometimes, the right fertilizers and weed control just aren’t enough on your thick and crowded lawn . . . there is one more thing that it needs, and that is core aeration.

Core aeration is a way to help your lawn breathe, and help water and your fertilizer get right to the roots. The secret is in the technique of making thousands of little holes in the turf, or your lawn, that allows this aeration to happen. Though it may seem counterproductive to make holes in your lawn in order to make it thicker, those golf courses are proof that core aeration really works!

Some other benefits of core aeration include:

  • Reduced water runoff and puddles
  • Stronger roots
  • Strengthened heat and drought resistance
  • Enhanced resiliency
  • Saves money by not requiring as much water

The process of core aeration is really very simple. A core aeration machine, which looks and acts similar to a lawn mower, is pushed row after row throughout your lawn. That’s it! There’s no need to clean up the “plugs”—you can just allow them to disintegrate back into your turf. This process is recommended 1-3 times a year for the healthiest lawn.

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