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core aerationCore aeration is an essential part of preparing your lawn for the growing season. This procedure is usually performed from March through October. It involves extracting plugs of soil from the turf, and offers specific benefits, such as:

  • It allows oxygen, nutrients (fertilizer) and water to pass into the root zone easily.
  • Core aeration helps roots grow thicker and deeper, increasing the vigor and health of the turf.
  • It reduces excess thatch – a layer of organic material between the soil and grass blades. When this gets too much, it can encourage pests.

Your lawn is a good candidate for core aeration if:

  • Pets and children run around the yard, contributing to soil compaction.
  • It gets heavy use
  • It was established as part of a newly built home. The topsoil of newly constructed lawns often gets buried or stripped, and the grass established on the topsoil suffers compaction from construction traffic.
  • It has a spongy feel and dries out easily. This may mean that your lawn has a thatch problem. If thatch is thicker than ½ inch, core aeration is recommended.

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