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Lawn FertilizationIn cold weather climates, there are definite times to prepare a lawn for the winter and help perform recovery in the spring. Here in Florida, however, those timetables aren’t as defined, yet the services are still needed.

Florida residents need to keep their lawn maintained year round. That being said, your grass and soil still need food, so lawn fertilization is an important part of lawn health. There is more leeway as to when lawn fertilization can occur, but here are some basic guidelines about the process:

  • Fertilizer is essential for providing extra nutrients to the grass. It makes it greener, healthier, and more resistant to droughts.
  • Over-fertilizing can cause problems and kill off the grass.
  • Slow-release fertilizers are preferred because they release nutrients over a period of time, instead of instantly like fast release feeds, which creates healthier lawn fertilization.
  • Fertilize only when grass is actively growing.
  • Please contact us here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. for a lawn inspection to identify the type of grass in your yard, which will determine the absolute best time to apply fertilizer.

Whether you are moving to Florida from a cold-weather climate or you are a lifelong resident who has been approaching your lawn care needs incorrectly for years, these tips will ensure your lawn fertilization is applied at the optimum time and thus will have the best chance to be luscious and lavish all year long.