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Lawn Fertilization in Lakeland, FloridaIf you love the way it feels to walk barefoot on lush, healthy grass, you know that stepping on a sharp, pointy object, such as a thorny weed can really burst your bubble — not to mention the skin on your foot. Should you happen to step on one of those annoying, thorny weeds, you are probably wondering how you can get them out of your yard so that you can have the freedom to walk barefoot in your yard once more. While you could choose to go out and pull each weed by hand, this method is often an inefficient use of your time and may actually result in the inadvertent spread of seeds. If you want to know the truth, achieving a beautiful, weed-free lawn involves a multi-step process that includes the following: core aeration, irrigation, and lawn fertilization.

Volumes can be written on each one of these different elements. In fact, if you check your local library, you’ll find that volumes have been written on each element, but for now we’ll talk about the benefits of proper lawn fertilization. Lawn fertilization is particularly beneficial when fertilizer is applied every six to eight weeks while the grass is growing. This provides the lawn with the nitrogen it needs to grow thick and healthy. When it comes to achieving a weed-free lawn, keeping the grass healthy will help to get rid of any weeds, which means that once you’ve done this, you can once again enjoy walking barefoot across your lawn day or night.

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