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Mosquito Spraying

Mosquitos are annoying. Not only do they ruin your backyard barbecues and ability to peacefully enjoy sitting out on your front porch in the evening, but they are also carriers of the Zika virus, which is a disease that poses a serious threat to pregnant woman. Instead of constantly being bombarded by mosquitos when you’re outside, our mosquito spraying service is designed to eliminate these pests, so you can fully enjoy your outdoor living space.

Here’s a little bit about what we do when we provide our mosquito spraying service:

  • We apply pesticides at key points throughout your property to target adult mosquitos.
  • We identify water sources throughout your property, so we can eradicate mosquito larvae before they have the change to develop fully.
  • We provide long-term season treatment solutions to kill mosquitos that try to land on your lawn throughout the summer.
  • We treat bushes and other vegetation to repel mosquitos.
  • We use a larvicide in small bodies of water, like pools or ponds, throughout your outdoor living space to keep mosquitos away.

Although our mosquito spraying service doesn’t immediately eradicate mosquitos, over time, you will see fewer and fewer mosquitos until this huge nuisance goes away. The best part is we tailor the treatments to your yard and the size and scope of your mosquito problem. To find out more about our mosquito spraying service and how we get great results, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!