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Tree Care There is a question that homeowners must ask themselves in regards to curb appeal – is it worth it at any time other than when selling a house? Of course you want your home and the surrounding property to look great while you live there, but it does raise a good issue of whether you want to pay somebody to create that palatial look that will make your Florida neighbors jealous.

Some of the professional landscape services that can be contracted in the area include grass mowers, landscapers, and tree trimmers. There’s no doubt that hiring a professional to complete these services will make your property look better and will keep you in good graces with any local homeowners association policies. Whether grass cutting is a worthwhile service depends on your schedule and budget, but here are a few reasons why professional tree care is a must.

  • Knowledge of the Tree – The various trees in our Florida environment require different treatment methods, so one of the key reasons for hiring professional tree care is our knowledge of how to care for them. We can also diagnose the health of the tree and evaluate whether it will become a nuisance in the future or needs replanting or other rehabilitation.
  • Safer for Homeowner – Many homeowners don’t want to deal with the heights and dangers of a falling tree that we deal with every day here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. It is much safer to hire a professional team like us rather than risk injury or damage to the home from a DIY tree care job.
  • Professional Equipment – Our bevy of equipment simply makes professional tree care a much more efficient process. From lifts to safety harnesses to industrial-style cutting and chipping equipment, it’s simply a ‘cleaner’ and safer job when performed by the pros.
  • Licensed and Guaranteed Work – Finally, our work is licensed and insured for those ‘just-in-case’ moments, whereas a DIY job could leave the homeowner liable for substantial damages from an improperly felled tree.

Professional tree care is a worthy contract if anything because it offers a very high return on investment. Keeping trees trimmed cuts down on the potential damage from branches falling on your home, and it can prevent insects and algae infestation. Plus, unlike grass cutting, tree trimming is not needed on a weekly basis. Homeowners won’t have to risk harrowing heights, but can still enjoy a beautiful yard when hiring the services we provide here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc.