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Tree careTrees are valuable to landscaping: they cut back on erosion, add aesthetics, help the environment, provide shade for other plants or our own enjoyment, and add value to your property. This is why engaging in good tree care is an asset to your home or business’ timber.

Some problems that our trees can face include diseases and pests, which can quickly kill off the tree and often spread to nearby trees. Plus, it makes sense to want to continue to enjoy the benefits mentioned previously. So, what can you do for proper tree care to prevent some of these problems? Arborjet is our solution for you!

There are different sprays or soil applications that are often employed to try and kill off the disease or pests in trees. However, these methods can reach other surrounding plants and the soil, which is not always as good for the environment or for your family. At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we are one of the few companies in the Lakeland area that has invested in Arborjet, a tree injecting system that essentially does what the spray or soil methods do, but better and with less harm to the surrounding environment.

Arborjet injects the proper solution into the trunk of the tree, which is then passed through the tree’s vascular system. This ensures the solution reaches all parts of the tree and heals it from within. The injection site is sealed off, keeping the tree safe from invasion at the injection spot, and keeps the solution in the tree itself. This method can be used to also help stave off nutrient deficiencies. Things such as sudden oak death, root rot, fireblight, anthracnose, and invasive insects and pests can be thwarted and your tree can be protected.

When considering the best tree care plan for your timber, consider calling us for a quote on the cost-effective, environmentally friendly use of the Arborjet system.