Weed, Disease & Fungus Control, Winter Haven, FL

We offer weed, disease & fungus control options that will make your Winter Haven, FL yard look beautiful again.

Weed, Disease & Fungus Control

One of the most visually appealing things about a residential property is the outdoor landscaping. It is the first thing that guests and visitors will see when they arrive at your home, so if your yard is full of weeds or your trees have diseases, these factors will make your outdoor space look less inviting. During the cooler months of the year here in Winter Haven, Florida, many people enjoy spending time outside, but it is hard to enjoy it if all you notice are the fungi-infested plants in your yard. At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we offer weed, disease & fungus control options that will make your yard look beautiful again.

A fungus can spread very quickly between trees and plants in your yard, so this can be one of the most detrimental things to occur in landscaping. When you notice any signs of a fungus, such as areas of the grass that look slimy or dark, thin patches of lawn, or brown, white, or yellow rings in the grass, call us right away. We can also perform inspections to determine whether you have fungi in your grass.

Weeds can also overtake a yard, and you could spend hours trying to pull and dig them up. Instead of becoming frustrated with this process, call us for weed, disease & fungus control. Our team can use a spray to control and eliminate weeds in just a few treatments. Diseased plants can also cause issues in your landscaping, so part of our weed, disease & fungus control service involves looking for signs of disease and treating any affected plants. Call us today to get started!

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