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We offer rodent control services to rid your yard of many kinds of rodents.

Rodent Control Services in Plant City, FloridaIt’s not uncommon to find a rodent or two around your yard in Plant City, Florida. And once you see the rodent problem, you’re likely going to want to eradicate that problem as soon as possible.

For best results, let a professional take control of the situation. Here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we offer rodent control services that apply to a number of unwanted rodents in the Plant City area. With nearly 20 years of experience, we are more than equipped to handle your rodent and pest problems. We accomplish this by implementing our extensive knowledge, expertise, and tools in our rodent control services.

Some rodents require different control methods than others. For example, reducing the number of insects in your yard is a way to help prevent more moles from making a home in your yard. Performing an inspection of your yard is helpful for determining what plants or lawn features are attracting gophers.

Once the source of the problem has been determined, we can begin the reduction/eradication part of our rodent control services. This may involve preventing rodents from entering the homes and hideouts they’ve built. We also set up snap traps and bait stations to capture the rodents. During this trapping process, we continue to monitor the traps and clear them at least every 48 hours until the eradication is complete.

Don’t let your yard continue to be plagued by rodents. Reach out to us for more information today.

At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we offer rodent control services in Lakeland, Auburndale, Bartow, Plant City, Winter Haven, Davenport, Lake Wales, Brandon, Polk City, Highland City, Crystal Lake, Eaton Park, and Winston, Florida.