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185812700-crabgrassCrabgrass acts like a perennial, even though it’s an annual weed with a growth pattern that’s called ‘indeterminate’. Most annual weeds grow until they are mature enough to produce seeds, and then they die. They have just one shot to reproduce.

It’s not easy to get rid of crabgrass because it grows all-season – spring to fall. Developing seed heads, mature seeds, and new plant growth continues throughout the warm seasons. Mowing won’t stop it or slow it down – it just grows flatter, rather than upright, but it keeps producing seeds continuously until the cold weather arrives or you kill it.

Crabgrass is incredibly prolific, producing more than 150,000 seeds per plant, and they don’t germinate until the following season. It might look as though new plants are popping up from the existing seeds, but this actually just shows how long a window it has in which to grow. The longer you wait in the season to eradicate crabgrass, the worse the problem will be next year. If you don’t do anything in the growing season, then plan during the winter for an early start to begin your fight for control. Even if this weed thinks it has the upper hand, don’t give up!

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