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Fire ants are known not just for their color

Fire ants are known not just for their color, which can vary from red to reddish brown, but also for their venomous stings and bites that can feel like fiery burns. When it comes to fire ants, arming yourself with information is crucial to preventing yourself a lot of pain this summer. Here are a few important fire ant facts to keep in mind.

  • Fire ant mounds don’t look like traditional mounds. Unlike most traditional and conical-shaped mounds, fire ant mounds are generally flat with entrances coming in from tunnels on the sides, not one on the top of the mound. This is one of the features that makes fire ant mounds so dangerous — you can walk right into one and not realize it until they’re on you! Most experts say that fire ant mounds look like worked soil or sand.
  • Fire ants move with alarming speed. If you were to poke an object into a fire ant mound, the top of the mound would explode with alarmingly fast ants that will climb up whatever object has entered their mound.
  • Their venom can be deadly. For many people, fire ants are painful, blister-causing ants. For some, enough of their venom can deliver a lethal dose, especially if allergies are present.
  • Mounds should always be handled by a professional. Due to their speed, if you suspect a fire ant mound in your property, you should always let a professional equipped to handle fire ants take care of it.

If you suspect fire ants, please call us at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. to take care of it. We would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to these pesky pests!