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Outdoor Pest Control Your backyard rock garden or side deck addition can be a great sanctuary for relaxing in the warm Florida sun, looking out over your lavish green yard and just enjoying the day. Unfortunately, without proper outdoor pest control service, the exterior of your home can be a literal nest of buzzing, flying, biting insects that completely ruin your day. Not only that, but pests can also dig up your once-beautiful yard until it resembles a barren field and do extensive damage to your home and outdoor structures.

Outdoor pest control service is something that should be thought about when a rodent, insect, or other pest makes its presence known. Failure to act promptly only increases the problem. Moreover, a DIY fix is not recommended, mostly for safety reasons, but also to make sure the problem is truly resolved.

So the question arises of just when to contract an outdoor pest control service and what type of services are typically offered. A lot of those answers depend on the type of pest and how deeply they’ve infested themselves around your property and into the exterior of your home.

Give us a call here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. for an inspection on how severe your pet infestation is. We will evaluate your crawlspace, attic, yard, and home’s exterior to determine what kind of outdoor pest control service is needed and the best plan of attack.

Of course, some pests (rodents, birds, animals) need to be removed after they have become a nuisance. In other cases, preemptive measures can be taken, such as bug spraying, which is typically an annual or biannual process. We may also use some processes, such as sealing up exterior cracks or installing flashing to create a barrier in the home, which is best done before the chillier weather arrives.

One thing to remember with us at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. is that we alleviate the pest problem in the most humane way possible. Our main goal is to rid your home’s exterior and property of the pests, and we’ll also do so with the utmost care. Please contact us to talk more about your specific pest problem.