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Tree Care Services, Lakeland FLTree care services are the sure way to keep disease and fungus from destroying your beautiful trees. Although trees are amazing and hardy, they are not impervious to diseases or nutrient deficiencies. In Florida, many bacteria and bugs threaten our trees. Ambrosia beetles threaten the avocado trees by boring into the wood and infecting the walls with fungal spores that are on its body. This fungus is what feeds the beetles and their larvae.

Tree care services can include injecting the trees to treat current and potential problems, or preventative treatments can be applied to your trees and surrounding plants to keep diseases and fungi from corrupting your yard.

Just like a lawn needs fertilization to help with nutrients, so do some trees. Without proper or sufficient nutrients, trees become more susceptible to disease and fungus, have shorter lives, and do not reach their potential growth. The treatment of nutrient deficiency in trees is much like the disease and fungal treatments. Either nutrients can be injected right into the tree, or treatment can be applied around the base.

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