Flea Control Services, Winter Haven, FL

Our flea control services will not only deal with adult fleas today, but also the eggs they lay and the larval fleas currently in cocoons on your Winter Haven, FL property.

Flea Control Services

Flea control services are a necessity for anyone concerned for the health and well-being of their family and their pets. While many types of treatments exist for fleas, many can cause complications if not used correctly and non-address the main issue of how the flea and the pet or person met. By treating the areas most likely to be infested on your property, you can reduce or eliminate the risk of disease or allergic reactions from flea bites. Our targeted evaluation of places where fleas can live and thrive allows us to target our treatment methods to those sites, ensuring the right effect while using only the necessary products.

Flea control services around your property also eliminate the risk of counterfeit flea medicines, which can run the gamut from snake oil to legitimately harmful to the health of you and especially your pets. Because the life cycle of fleas is variable according to conditions, it’s also important that you plan for long-term flea control services in order to not only deal with adult fleas today, but also the eggs they lay and the larval fleas currently in cocoons. Doing so will ensure many years of continued good health and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Working with us at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control, Inc. will ensure that a spectrum of pest control is well-executed and properly planned on your Winter Haven, FL property. With many years helping residents of Winter Haven and surrounding areas with a wide variety of pest control and lawn maintenance services, we have the tools and experience to make sure your property is properly taken care of. Call us today for more information!

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