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insect controlPests are more than an annoyance; some can pose serious threats to health and properties. That’s why the technology behind modern insect control focuses on attacking pests already in homes and breaking their lifecycle to control unwanted invaders in the future.

Below are some of the common critters that creep and crawl their way around our homes:

  • Cockroaches – These hard-to-kill creatures make allergies worse, spread germs, and multiply at record-breaking speed.
  • Ants – A single ant can pave the way for an entire colony to invade a home. Here, insect control will focus on finding the nest and removing the queen.
  • Termites – More homes are damaged by them every year than by fires.
  • Rodents – Because they multiply so fast, just a few can result in an infestation that’s out of control before you know it.
  • Spiders – Not only are their webs a nuisance, but they can inflict painful, often dangerous, bites.
  • Bed bugs – They like hiding in mattress covers and fabrics. Their narrow bodies enable them to get into small openings and crevices. If you are being bitten, you need to call our insect control experts right away.
  • Fleas – These tiny pests live on blood—from both humans and animals. They jump from the floor onto your ankles and bite.

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