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Here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we hear this question all the time, “Why is my lawn getting brown spots?” Brown spots can happen to even the most fastidious of lawn and garden experts, so don’t feel too bad if you have a few brown spots in your lawn. There are many things that cause brown spots in your lawn, so the solution is simply finding out which of these reasons is causing your lawn’s brown spots and allowing a company like ours at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. to assist you in turning those brown spots green once more.

First, brown spots can be caused by imbalances in nutrition. If your sprinklers aren’t working properly or are not watering frequently enough, then brown spots can develop due to a simple lack of water. Additionally, sometimes a dog or other animal can deliver too much ammonia by urinating in a concentrated area that will kill off your grass, causing brown spots.

Second, brown spots can be caused by chinch bugs. These little flying pests happen to love grass and moving around from lawn to lawn, which can be frustrating when you are trying to get rid of them! Sometimes getting rid of chinch bugs needs to be a neighborhood-wide initiative.

Finally, brown spots can be caused by fungi of different varieties. If your lawn is healthy enough, it can usually withstand the fungal invasions without issues. But lawns that are weak from lack of nutrients might be overtaken by fungal issues.

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