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lawn fungus Lawn fungus can come in many different forms, and can be due to a variety of causes. Knowing what some of these causes are can help you be more “lawn smart” and also let you know when to seek help with professional fungus control.

Lawn fungus can show up as brown, white, or yellow irregular spots in your lawn that grow, or as discolored or spotted blades, such as black, red, or gray spots or powder showing up on the individual blades. Patches of black slimy or overly “wet” looking grass can also be signs of lawn fungus. When you see one or more of these problems, it would be wise to promptly have a professional come and test your lawn and let you know if fungus control will really help, or if the signs are due to something other than fungi. But what causes the fungus, and how can you better care for your lawn to prevent it?

Fungus can happen for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common problems that can lead to lawn fungi are as follows:

  • Cutting grass too low
  • Not aerating your lawn
  • Over or under fertilizing your lawn
  • Drought or overwatering

As you can see, having a beautiful lawn can often be about maintaining the right balance of care components.  One thing that can help is having a professional come and do a core aeration of your lawn.  This is wonderful for overall lawn heath, and for preventing fungus by giving the grass more room to breathe and for the water to saturate properly. If you find you have fungus, our fungus control services can help. With a quick call, we can kill the fungus, stop it from spreading, and then help you with a plan to get your lawn back up to the beautiful green oasis you love to enjoy.