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Webworm controlWebworm control refers to destructive pests in southeastern areas of America, especially on newly established sod, lawns, golf courses and athletic fields. Larval feeding reduces vigor, aesthetics, density and photosynthesis. Often, the first symptom of damage is a difference in grass height where the larvae are feeding.

Sod webworms in Florida are part of a pest network of warm-season caterpillars, which includes fall army worms, striped grass loopers, and the fiery skipper. The adults are present all year round, but the numbers are significantly higher in the fall. During winter, populations decline and begin to increase in early spring.

Sod (turf grass) production is a vital industry in America, spanning more than 25 million hectares. Florida is one of the major producers, cultivating around 37,600 hectares and harvesting more than 25,000 hectares per year. Webworm control is therefore crucial for the economy, but it’s also important for homeowners because these injurious pests attack St. Augustine grass – the most common species planted on Florida lawns.

Early damage is difficult to detect, but as the larvae grow, they consume abundant amounts of grass before they pupate. If an infestation is not too severe, grass may recover. However, this would require proper irrigation, fertilization, a webworm control program, and correct mowing.

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