Tips for Keeping Fleas Far Away from You & Your
Pets [infographic]

Fleas are a tricky critter to get rid of once you have them! Due to the way their life cycle works, you need different methods for getting rid of them depending on the developmental stage they are in. So, even after you have gotten rid of the adults, there might be pupae and larvae that are ready to become adults in just a few days. Here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we want to help you keep fleas far, far away from you and your pets with the following tips.

Tips for Keeping Fleas Far Away from You & Your Pets [infographic]

  • Mow your lawn. Fleas enjoy a nice, lush lawn as much as the rest of us. Keep your lawn on the shorter side to keep them from infesting your lawn and hiding in the long grasses.
  • Remove extra moisture from the yard. While we want our lawns to be green, keep in mind that fleas thrive in areas with a lot of moisture. Look out for areas that have standing water and don’t overwater your lawn to avoid pooling.
  • Use the sun to your benefit. You know that shady tree that you love? The fleas might love it, too. Fleas don’t care for bright sunshine, and keeping a dry, bright yard can make it less appealing to stay there.
  • Use beneficial barriers. Create a “no-flea” zone around the perimeter of your property by cleaning up leaves, shrubs or plants that are close to your home.
  • Keep a clean yard. Do you have wood piles or piles of leaves around your yard? If you do, you might be inviting fleas to come and stay! Clean up these areas that fleas love to inhabit.
  • Treat your lawn. Treating your lawn for fleas isn’t always done with chemicals but is very effective at killing fleas of all ages and stages.
  • Make your yard unwelcome to animal visitors. While we don’t want to discourage you from having neighbors over when you’d like, make your yard unwelcoming to animals. Fences, traps and help from animal control can ensure that common flea-transporters like squirrels or deer aren’t lending fleas a ride to your door.
  • Treat your pets when possible. While some pets might be older or have a hard time with treatments, if you can treat your pets with preventative flea treatments, you should do so.

To learn more about the other ways in which you can keep fleas far away from your yard and home, please give us a call today.