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154355003-mosquito controlProfessional pest control technicians call their programs IMM (integrated mosquito management). This means we don’t just go out once a week to spray a couple of areas and call it a job well done. Today, effective mosquito control programs target 4 key areas.

  1. Surveillance. Frequent trapping and testing to establish which species are causing problems, whether any are carrying viruses or diseases, and how many there are.
  2. Source Reduction. Mosquito control also involves managing storm water drainage systems, stagnant ponds, and digging ditches near marshy areas to help reduce the number of locations where mosquitoes can lay and hatch their eggs.
  3. Larvacide. Finding methods, both chemical and biological, to kill mosquitoes while living in the water during their larval stage. This may mean putting oil or bacteria in the water to poison the larvae, or allowing natural predators to feed on them.
  4. Adultcide. This is the last resort, using sprays to kill prolific numbers of adults as they feed and fly. Mosquito crews release pesticides from trucks and planes over targeted areas at certain times of the day, so they can kill as many as possible with one shot. This method also helps eliminate the females before they get a chance to lay eggs.

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