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sprinkler systemsIf you’re stubbornly refusing to install one of the new automated sprinkler systems in your lawn, we’re here to convince you to go with the Nike theme and “Just do it!” Drop the stubborn act and see why these sprinkler systems are becoming more and more common (and why you should have one, too).

  • You can’t always rely on the rain. When a dry spell hits, the only thing that can save your lawn is manual irrigation. Having a sprinkler system is a great back-up plan when rainclouds fail you.
  • Let’s face it; moving around the old sprinkler-attached-to-the-hose is a big pain. You forget to move it when you should and end up creating dry spots. You accidentally leave it on overnight and waste a lot of water—not good for your grass or for the environment. Sprinkler systems take the guess-work and frustration out of watering your lawn. Simply set a timer and the sprinklers rotate areas of the lawn, as well as turn on and off by themselves.
  • Want to be a good citizen and conserve water? Installing a sprinkler system will help you do just that. As previously mentioned, they prevent the whole left-the-water-on-all-night conundrum by turning off automatically. But did you know that they deliver just the right amount of water your grass needs? They even have a rain sensor, so they know not to come on when it is unnecessary. You can also set the system to run at night so the water is not evaporated in the heat of the day before getting to the roots. Now that’s a pretty smart piece of equipment!

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