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Do you avoid using your lawn in the summer because of a mosquito problem? You know that mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases like Zika and West Nile virus. Putting mosquito repellant on every time you leave your home is a hassle. What else can you do to reduce your chances of being bitten by a mosquito?

Mosquito Spraying Can Protect Your Family All Summer Long

Mosquitoes do not typically travel very far during their short lives. Making changes right around your home can make a big difference in the number of mosquitoes you contend with in your lawn. Here are some things you can do to reduce the mosquito population around your home before you start mosquito spraying:

  • mosquito sprayingFind and eliminate standing water around your home. This is where the mosquitoes lay their eggs and where the larvae live. Reducing standing water will reduce mosquito reproduction.
  • Don’t let any water stand in your lawn for more than 2 days.
  • Keep your gutters clear of leaves and other debris.
  • If you have an ornamental pond or water feature in your landscaping, put mosquito-eating minnows in it.
  • Repair screens in your windows and doors.

Getting rid of standing water can greatly reduce your property’s mosquito population, but you may need to take further steps like mosquito spraying to get their numbers under control. There are other steps besides mosquito spraying that can help, as well. There are traps you can purchase to reduce the adult population. You can cut weeds close to your home and mow the lawn regularly to reduce the places where they can rest. When you are mosquito spraying, focus on the shaded areas where there are probably more mosquitoes.