How You Will Benefit from a Termite Inspection

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Termites love timber. Your home is full of timber. You have the perfect breeding ground for a termite infestation. If you suspect you have termites or you are about to purchase a home, then we recommend having a termite inspection completed.

How You Will Benefit from a Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is a complete inspection of your home for any signs of past, present or potentially future termites. A termite inspection will look for old damage from termites, current issues with termites as well as assess your risk for termite infestation. If you do have a termite infestation, then your termite inspection report will include information as well as costs to eliminate the infestation.

A termite inspection in your home can be completed in several ways. The most tried and true methods are:

  • Visual inspection for obvious damages as well as termites out in the open.
  • Moisture meters to assess moisture levels.
  • Thermal imaging cameras, which allow an inside look into your walls and hidden cavities. This allows for a complete inspection without having to use invasive procedures.

The benefit to a professional termite inspection is that the professional knows exactly what they are looking for and the best places to look. They know the common and uncommon signs of termite activity. They have the proper tools and devices to take a complete look inside your home without having to tear into walls or floors. Here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we have years of experience looking for and treating termites.