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Rodent controlCalling for professional help with rodent control can be embarrassing, but believe us when we say that rodent infestations happen to all kinds of people and in all kinds of buildings. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. There are some things you can do before your rodent control appointment that can help make your rodent removal and cleanup process go more smoothly, as well as reduce the likelihood of a repeated event.

Here are some suggestions of things you can do to prepare for professional rodent control:

  • Store your food in chew-proof heavy plastic or steel containers. Don’t leave any food in boxes or thin plastic bags that can be easily compromised by a chewing rodent.
  • Remove items from the top of your refrigerator and under your sinks.
  • Work on sealing up your home, especially around windows, doors and other possible access points. Mice and rats are incredible in their ability to squeeze into the tiniest cracks. Mice only need about 1/4″ and rats can squeeze through a 1/2″ opening.
  • Make notes about where you have seen rodents or signs of rodents (like droppings or chewing). Share these with your rodent control professional.
  • Thoroughly clean your home, including sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Remove trash from your home and make sure you have a trash can that has a secure lid.

In general, the cleaner you keep your home, the less likely you are to have a problem with rodents. It is no guarantee, though. You should also work to eliminate unnecessary items in closets that give rodents easy places to hide. If you suspect a rodent control problem, call a professional for help.