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flea control servicesOur professional pest exterminators offer flea control services that are performed safely, so people and pets are not harmed. We also make sure that flooring, carpets and furnishings are not damaged during our flea control services treatment.

Fleas are brown in color, about 2mm long. They are biting insects that suck blood. Their bodies are narrow to allow them to move in between feathers and hairs, and they are often seen on animals. A flea can jump as high as 6 inches, so you might be able to see it jumping from the floor onto one of your pets – or yourself.

Flea bites have dark centers with red rings around them. Fleas typically bite on the lower legs of humans because these are nearest the floor. If your pet sleeps on the furniture or beds, or if your children play on the floor, fleas can bite them on any part of their bodies. And, if your pets move around your home, sleeping in different rooms, then everyone is at risk of being bitten.

Never let a flea problem get out of control because it could quickly become an infestation, which is not only unpleasant, but also unhealthy for you and your pets as well. If you are being bitten continuously, then contact us for flea control services.

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