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Lawn SprayingOne of the best ways to maintain a healthy lawn here in Florida is to get it sprayed on an at least an annual basis. Many people are aware of the benefits that a regular spray can bring to their lawn, so they include it as a consistent part of their maintenance along with seeding, watering, and cutting.

Of course, although homeowners know it’s very important to get their lawn sprayed, not all of them are aware just what the service does. Is lawn spraying done to make it grow? Does lawn spraying keep bugs away? Does lawn spraying give your yard a nice, green color? The truth is lawn spraying is done for aesthetic and health reasons – to keep the weeds away.

Weeds that Harm a Lawn

The different types of weeds found in Florida include broadleaves, sedges, grasses, annuals, biennials, and perennials. Proper diagnoses of which type of weeds are present on your property determines the spraying approach. As the different names imply, some of the weeds complete their growing years in either one, two, or three or more years.

How Lawn Spraying Works

Weeds are either treated pre-emergence (before they appear) or post-emergence (after they start to grow). Pre-emergence treatment puts chemicals into the soil that will prevent the weeds from ever growing in the first place. A different type of spray is used on post-emergence weeds, which essentially kills the nuisance plant. Proper timing is crucial in both methods either to coincide with the blossoming of surrounding plants (pre-emergence) or when the weed seedling is in its infant stages (post-emergence).

One thing to remember is that lawn spraying is not something typically done as a DIY project. It’s best to hire a quality service like one that we offer here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. We have the safety equipment to prevent any health risks and the knowledge to know the optimum times to spray and which areas need what type of chemical. By spraying your lawn yourself, you’re risking exposure to chemicals to you and your neighbors, and most of all, the chance that your services aren’t providing the proper protection to the lawn.