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Weed, Disease and Fungus ControlWeed, disease and fungus control is an easy way to beautify your yard and protect your family. Like all living things, plants and trees are not immune to diseases. In Florida, trees can become infected with bores that burrow into the tree bark to lay their eggs. As the bore burrows into the tree, it infects the tree with fungal spores that it and its larvae can feed off of. This fungus is deadly for the tree, and the spores can easily transfer to other trees that are around the infected one.

Wild mushrooms that grow in your lawn are extremely toxic to humans and animals. They range in toxicity from making the consumer sick to being fatal. If wild mushrooms are ever found on your property, they should be quickly removed and thrown into the garbage where children or pets will not be able to find them.

There are literally thousands of plant diseases that affect different regions of the world, but in each region, there is a disease that can affect any plant life. Whether you have a vegetable garden or an exotic flower garden, it is important to take preventative measures to save your foliage.

Weeds are also a common yard problem. They seem to pop up over night in your lawn or in your flowerbed. It can seem like a constant battle trying to pull weeds and keep them from choking out your plants. If any of these problems are showing up in your yard, it would be wise to contact our professionals about weed, disease and fungus control.

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