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Termite TreatmentsDo you enjoy the trees in your yard but have recently noticed that there may be a termite problem? Are you worried about termite treatments causing additional damage to the rest of your yard? At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we understand it is important to rid yourself of a termite problem while protecting your trees and the rest of your yard. We are happy to provide the perfect resolution with our Arborjet system. When it comes to termite treatments, Arborjet provides several solutions for you.

  • Clears Out Pests – Arborjet provides an easy solution to clearing out termites and other pests by injecting a minimal amount of solvent into your trees. A small injection tool is used to inject treatment directly into the tree, and then the hole is sealed. The tree then accepts the termite treatment into its vascular system while preventing the solution from affecting the surrounding lawn.
  • Improves Nutrient Deficiencies – In addition to clearing out pests, Arborjet improves nutrient deficiencies your trees may be experiencing and improves their overall look in your yard. By clearing out the termites and adding nutrients back to your trees, you will see an improved landscape for you to enjoy.
  • Reduces Environmental Exposure – Because the Arborjet treatment is injected directly into your trees, it prevents the additional landscape from being exposed to pesticides that may be harmful. This improves the overall look of your yard and the health of your trees without exposing your other plants or your family to harmful chemicals.

If you are in the Lakeland, Florida area and are interested in learning more about the Arborjet system, please call us at The Other Side One & Ornamental Test Control Inc. Our high quality products and honest pricing make us your go-to source for lawn care. The Arborjet system makes termite treatments easy, and we can help you get on your way to a better looking lawn. We look forward to talking with you!