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spider control Since you live in Florida, you’ve become well-acquainted with the insect, arachnoid, and animal populations that thrive in our beautiful climate. While we may appreciate many of these from afar, many, if not most of them, are not usually found as welcome in our own homes. Our eight-legged neighbors, such as the golden orb weavers or any of the widow spiders, may be interesting, but not as beloved as guests. This is especially true in homes and yards with young children who may inadvertently “discover” the poisonous widow spider, or some other “friend.” This is where spider control services come into play.

Spider control is done differently than other pest or insect control on your property, which is one reason why it is not often included or done by other pest control companies. This is because spiders need to be rid of in a different manner that most pests. Still, though it is more difficult, at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we have specialized spider control services that we offer to residents of the Lakeland, Florida area.

We are happy to come and give you a quote and discuss diminishing the spider population in and around your home. Our spider control services can be used to bring you and your family a greater peace of mind, especially in our climate conducive to lush growth, with plenty of places for these 8-legged visitors to hide away and surprise us.  Don’t spend your time worrying about these arachnoid visitors stowing away in your home crawl spaces or nooks. Give us a call today!