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 Lawn Spraying ServicesLawn spraying services can be used for a variety of applications and lawn problems, including crabgrass invasion, fungus control, and to get rid of brown spots in your lawn. Because of the challenge of diagnosing the problem, it may be advisable to turn to a professional when you need lawn spraying services. If you treat your lawn with the wrong product, you can damage the good grass even further and cost yourself money that you didn’t need to spend.

One of the most common lawn problems that may require lawn spraying services is crabgrass or another weed invasion. Crabgrass can become a big problem in your lawn in a short amount of time because each individual crabgrass plant can make thousands of seeds. Multiply this by the number of years crabgrass has been in your yard, and that is a lot of crabgrass! To get the spread of crabgrass under control, it is important to stop the germination of the seeds. This is typically done using a pre-emergent herbicide that can be sprayed onto your lawn. The timing of using this type of herbicide can be tricky, though. It varies from year to year, depending on when the ground temperature is above 60 degrees, which depends on the winter.

Another common lawn problem that can be controlled through lawn spraying services is lawn fungus. There are many types of parasitic fungus that can take over parts of your lawn and weaken them. Lawn problems can be difficult to diagnose and treat, but with the right lawn spraying services, you can have the beautiful and lush lawn you have always dreamed about.