Sod Webworm Control Services, Auburndale, FL

If you’re struggling to get your grass back to its previous and healthy state, call us to discuss Webworm Control Services in Auburndale.

Webworm Control Services, Auburndale, FLWebworms are part of the moth family and can cause a lot of frustration among property owners in Auburndale, Florida. Webworms live in the grass and feed on deciduous trees, so they can also cause damage to the trees on your property. You might spot these pests in their early stages, when they look like caterpillars in varying shades of pale yellow to dark gray. They are especially noticeable because they have long and short bristles on their bodies, as well as yellow spots. These insects might pop up in the lawn, then disappear again quickly, making it hard to know for sure when you have an infestation in your yard.

Many property owners figure out that they have webworms within their lawns when the grass fails to thrive, even after extensive treatment with fertilization, extra watering, and other methods. Webworms tend to decrease during the winter months but reappear with a vengeance when spring and summer come around. Female webworms can produce and deposit eggs early in their lives, which means they can produce multiple generations of new webworms in a single year.

If you’re struggling to get your grass back to its previous and healthy state, call us at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. to discuss Webworm Control Services. We’ve been providing webworm control services for property owners in Auburndale for nearly 15 years. Our experienced lawn care and pest control experts will set up a webworm control plan using the best products to eliminate these pests completely and save your grass.

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