Core Aeration, Bartow, FL

You can avoid poor drainage and associated problems by scheduling regular core aeration services at your home or business in Bartow, FL.

Core AerationHere in the Bartow, Florida area, we have a humid and warm climate throughout much of the year. As a result, your landscaping can take a hit, especially if you aren’t caring for it properly. Trees and shrubs may not do as well when the temperatures rise, and grass can start to look patchy and brown without adequate water or oxygen. One of the most common problems that occurs in grass is poor drainage, which can lead to root rot, and ultimately the death of the affected areas. You can avoid this common issue by scheduling regular core aeration services at your home or business.

At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we offer core aeration services in the Bartow area. We use a specialized machine that has hollow tines, which we run over the entire grassy area. The hollow tines can remove soil plugs, leaving behind freshly created spaces that allow for oxygen to enter the soil and nutrients to move through the roots. These small channels are also ideal for water transport, so droplets can reach every root of each blade of grass.

Some of the benefits of core aeration include a reduction in water runoff, which can save you money on water bills each month while reducing your environmental impact, improvement of fertilizer use, often requiring the use of less for the same positive result, and stronger turf grass roots for a more durable lawn. Give us a call today to schedule your core aeration service.

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