Chinch Bug Control, Lake Wales, FL

We provide quality chinch bug control to get rid of the bugs for good.

Chinch Bug Control in Lake Wales, FloridaIf you are like many people, you work really hard during the spring and summer to take care of your lawn. You mow the lawn, trim the edges, water it, and apply fertilizer to make your lawn healthy and green. But what happens when your lawn starts to die despite all of your best efforts? You have babied the lawn every week, and it still has brown spots and they are getting worse. You might try watering it more, but that does not seem to help and just adds a lot of extra cost to your water bill. One thing that could be happening is that you have a chinch bug problem in your lawn. At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we know how frustrating lawn problems can be, which is why we can provide you with quality chinch bug control services.

Chinch bugs can really do a number on your lawn. They are tiny bugs that are almost microscopic. They dry out the blades of your grass, and to make it worse, they inject each blade of grass with poison. This kills the grass and creates unsightly brown spots. It can be a frustrating problem to deal with, which is why you should have us at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. come and do chinch bug control on your property. We know exactly what works to get rid of the pests and to help get your lawn green and healthy again. We can help you get fast results and save your lawn from completely dying.

If you are in the Lake Wales, Florida area and are interested in learning more about chinch bug control, give us a call today at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. We will answer all of your questions and come out quickly for services. We can help your lawn look and stay healthy by removing the chinch bugs for good.

At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we offer chinch bug control services in Lakeland, Auburndale, Bartow, Plant City, Winter Haven, Davenport, Lake Wales, Brandon, Polk City, Highland City, Crystal Lake, Eaton Park, and Winston, Florida.