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Fungus Control, Bartow, FL

We will be able to assess your lawn to decide if it has a fungal disease and then discuss a plan for fungus control in Bartow, FL.

Fungus ControlFungal disease can take on a variety of forms in your yard. Sometimes it appears as brown, yellow, or white patches that continue to grow in diameter. Other times, your grass will appear slimey and wet. Sometimes the individual blades of grass will have colorful spots on them or appear frayed or otherwise distorted. At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we will be able to assess your lawn to decide if it has a fungal disease and then discuss a plan for fungus control.

Fungal growth can appear on a lawn from various causes. Overwatering, underwatering (drought), using the wrong kind of fertilizer or too much, mowing your lawn too short, and hot and muggy temperatures like we have here in Bartow, FL all contribute to different types of fungal growth. Different conditions contribute to different types of fungal growth, and it’s important to know what type of fungus you are dealing with before treatment is started. Fungus control is specific to the fungus, and all fungicides are not the same, so it’s important to let us take a look at your lawn and treat it rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Since a lot of fungi grow because of poor lawn care, you can greatly decrease your chance of dealing with a fungus by letting us handle the lawn care for you. We know the ideal length to cut grass and how much to water and fertilize, so we will be able to maintain your lawn without the added stress of dealing with fungus control. Once we have your fungus problem under control, we can help keep the fungus away with our full-service lawn care. Give us a call today, and let us get your lawn back in pristine condition.

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