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Webworm Control Services, Winter Haven, FL

We can help you take care of your lawn and restore it to its former beauty with our webworm control services in Winter Haven, FL.

Webworm Control ServicesIf you are noticing that the grass really is greener on the other side of your street, the problem might not be with your perspective, but instead with pests! Webworms can devour a once-healthy lawn mostly out of sight, meaning that by the time you discover your problem is with webworms, you may have already tried several different things to revive your grass.  Some tell-tale signs of webworms include:

  • Patches of yellow or brown lawn in otherwise healthy grass
  • Burrows lined with webbing
  • Presence of webworm moths, especially during dusk
  • Sections of grass that have been chewed at ground level

Here at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we can help you take care of your lawn and restore it to its former beauty with our webworm control services. Although webworms aren’t harmful to humans or pets, they multiply very quickly. The webworm develops in different stages, each of which will devour different parts of your lawn. Even young females can start reproducing more webworms, so before you know it, your lawn might have a multi-generational family eating away at it.

When you need to rid your lawn of webworms, our webworm control services are both effective and affordable. We use specialized methods to ensure that we get rid of the webworms in all stages, so once you are rid of them, you are rid of the entire group, rather than just one section of the family tree. If webworms are invading your Winter Haven, FL lawn, contact us for webworm control services.

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