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Cricket Control Services, Winter Haven, FL

We can help you achieve the peace and quiet you’ve been wanting with our cricket control services in Winter Haven, FL.

Cricket Control Services

Crickets can be a problem for many property owners in Winter Haven and the surrounding cities and counties. Because of their voracious appetites, ability to digest many species of plants, and common presence in many different environments, it’s just as important to eliminate current crickets as it is to prevent or deter future visitors to your property.

Cricket control services, like many aspects of home or business pest control, follow several basic guidelines. By determining what draws the pests to the property, it’s easy to deny, deter, or defend against that assault. Over time, and working with the right pest control company, it’s possible to eliminate the on-site threat and focus more on creating an area free from pests that is also sensitive to environmental concerns. While the use of pesticides has become commonplace, it has become apparent over the last several decades that a targeted application of these and other cricket control services have a much greater effect, while still allowing people and pets to enjoy the outdoor space without risk to life or health. In addition, controlling the local cricket population decreases the likelihood that frogs, lizards, and spiders will also begin to frequent your property, looking to feed on the crickets.

At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control, Inc., we can help you achieve the peace and quiet you’ve been wanting. Our cricket control services are one facet of our mission to help control all pests on a property, and we will work with you as an individual property owner to determine the extent, severity, and remedy for any pests that might be found on your property.

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