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Chinch Bug Control, Winter Haven, FL

Because of the cycle of breeding and mating, chinch bug control is a year-round endeavor in Winter Haven, FL.

Chinch Bug ControlChinch bugs can be the bane of homeowners and their lawns. Whether your particular pest is the true chinch bug (blissus leucopterus), southern chinch bug (blissus insularis), or false chinch bug (nysius raphanus), these pests pose a risk to crops, lawns, and especially the St. Augustine grass popular in Winter Haven, Florida. Because of the cycle of breeding and mating, chinch bug control is a year-round endeavor, and working with a knowledgeable and experienced firm is critical to achieving a sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly chinch bug control solution.

The voracious appetite of chinch bugs can lay waste to an otherwise healthy lawn. By draining the sap from healthy grass, they drain them of their essential nutrients, and a chinch bug problem is often announced as a spreading patch of brown, dead grass in sunny areas. Nearby croplands, golf courses, or neighboring lawns can also harbor these pests, and their ability to fly can hamper control and elimination processes. The very best chinch bug control will be part of a spectrum of pest control and lawn care. By nurturing healthy plant growth and interfering with the chinch bug’s cycle of mating, egg laying, and winter hibernation, home and business owners in Winter Haven can avoid heavy pesticide use and enjoy a healthy, pest-free lawn.

At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control, Inc., we have over fifteen years of experience helping home and business owners in Winter Haven with chinch bug control as part of an entire pest control and lawn care service. Let us help you today!

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