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Insect & Pest Control Services, Winter Haven, FL


Our insect & pest control services in Winter Haven, FL will benefit your home, your family and your landscaping.

Insect & Pest Control ServicesAnyone who has lived for any length of time in the Winter Haven, FL area knows that insect & pest control services are as important as having electricity and water service. It can be intolerable to survive any season of the year here, considering how many pests we have. Since we do not have a cold enough winter to reduce their numbers, if you do not have insect & pest control services, there is nothing to keep your home from becoming completely overrun. At The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc., we’re your first defense against all that crawls and flies, in your home and around your lawn.

Interior insect & pest control services involve taking care of pests as soon as you see them, as well as creating a barrier around your home, so they are less likely to enter it. Keeping these pests at bay is as important for your home as it is for your family. Many pests can be destructive to your home, happily munching away and damaging its structure. Pests inside the home can be harmful also to you and your family, as most carry germs and diseases. With our interior and barrier insect & pest control services, your home and you and your family are protected.

Exterior insect & pest control services are also important. Lawn spraying is important for keeping more than just the pests away, as it also deters larger critters up the food chain that stick around only if there is a meal to be had. If your lawn is suffering from moles, for example, our exterior insect & pest control services can be beneficial.

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