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Cricket Control Services, Lakeland, FL

If your nightly cricket noises are bugging you, give us a call to discuss our cricket control services in Lakeland, FL.

Cricket Control Services, Lakeland, FL

Do you enjoy being serenaded by the unique song of a yard full of crickets? Some people love this sound, but for many it is pure torture. Even if you do enjoy it from time to time, these fast breeders can overwhelm you in no time. Furthermore, since they are a popular diet for spiders, lizards and frogs, you could end up with a large community of these creatures on your property, as well. The best solution is to give us a call at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. and ask about our cricket control services.

Even though it is only the male crickets that chirp, that only means that what you are hearing is a smaller part of the total population. You may even have a few crickets inside your home, and although Chinese culture believes them to bring health to your family, you may prefer they not be around. Thankfully, crickets are not known to bite humans on a regular basis, but they are able to do so in self-defense. At least they are not known to carry diseases like other pests do.

If your nightly cricket noises are bugging you, give us a call to discuss our cricket control services. Let our 15+ years of experience in the Lakeland, FL area give you the peace and quiet you are seeking. We also offer other pest control services that can be performed at the same time as cricket control services. You could be enjoying a pest free yard in no time!

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