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Cricket Control Services, Bartow, FL

If you feel like your cricket population is getting out of hand, give us a call and ask about our cricket control services in Bartow, FL.

Cricket Control ServicesOf all the pests in Florida, crickets are probably the least damaging to your lawn. In fact, they don’t do a great deal of damage at all unless there are a significant number of them. For most people, the need for cricket control services arises from the fact that they are just so noisy! A few crickets might be soothing to some, but a large quantity of them can result in a too-loud serenade that interferes with sleep and is just plain annoying. Aside from the noise, having a large cricket population can attract animals and other pests that feed on crickets to your yard, which might result in a chain reaction of damage caused by other pests.

If you feel like your cricket population is getting out of hand, give us a call at The Other Side Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control Inc. and ask about our cricket control services. We have been serving the Bartow, FL population for 15 years and are more than equipped to handle all of your pest control needs. We often find that one pest control problem is related to another, so we use a full-service approach to ensure that your yard is free from pests of all types. We’ve found that our customers are more satisfied with this approach rather than the “a la carte” approach that leads to hidden costs for treatment and untreated problems after work has been done.

We are proud to offer our cricket control services to our fellow Floridians, and we know you will be highly satisfied with our friendly service and our unbeatable results.

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